Treatments & Prices

We offer the following appointments:

Initial appointment and treatment


This is an introductory appointment including treatment.
We will do a full assessment of your feet, including the identification of any nail conditions and skin infections. Your foot health concerns will be discussed and the treatment of conditions such as callus and corns will be carried out. We will be able to advise you on how to prevent and mange further problems, and if necessary suggest more specialist treatment options which may include nail surgery, bespoke insoles, or custom orthoses.

Standard Treatment


This is a 30 minute treatment, suitable as a follow up appointment to maintain, treat, and review ongoing foot conditions.

Diabetic Foot Review


This comprehensive review of your feet includes an assessment of the blood supply and nerve status, ideal for regular monitoring of your foot health. It is recommended by Diabetes UK that if you have Diabetes you should have a foot review at least once a year. This 30 minute appointment includes any general treatment that may be required, such as nail care and the removal of corns and callus.

Nail Surgery

From £430

A solution for troublesome in-growing toenails. Nail surgery is carried out at the clinic under local anaesthetic and the whole procedure is normally performed in less than an hour. The procedure is followed by 3 additional visits for re-dressing which are included in the nail surgery fee.

Biomechanical Assessment


This appointment is designed to help identify the causes of pain or discomfort in your feet and legs. Typical symptoms presented are ball of foot pain, pain in the arch of the foot, pain on top of the foot; generalised foot pain, ankle pain, and leg pain. Examples of causes can be plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toe and numerous other toe and foot misalignments, shin splints, or general and sports related injuries. The Podiatrist will review the joints and muscles in your feet and legs, and take a closer look at how they affect the way that you walk.

Other Treatments

We offer treatment methods to help reduce foot pain which may include insoles, semi-bespoke orthoses or custom orthoses (specially designed shoe inserts) which can be manufactured to help resolve your symptoms.

Prices for Insoles, Semi-bespoke Orthoses and Custom Orthoses* range from £65 to £370.

Casting: £65. Plaster of Paris casts are taken of each foot in order to produce an impression of your feet for laboratory work.  This appointment is only necessary when Custom Orthoses are required.

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